Reporting and Information Analysis (RIA)

What do we do?

The RIA team is committed to providing excellent data assistance, including the use and deployment of data, as well as the analysis of data. We can help in every stage of information use, from creating communication and solicitation efforts in DART all the way through to creating complicated data visualization reports, and everything in between. We assist the University's various Development and Alumni Relations offices with information retrieval requests including:

  • Ad hoc reporting in tools such as Business Objects, DART Query, SQL Server and MS Access
  • Data Analysis and Visualization
  • Tableau Dashboards
  • Consulting to develop strategies, plans and goals

RIA Services Offered

Reporting and Information Analysis

Creation of custom-designed reports or modification of any existing report. Creation of DART selections via the DART Query tool. Data extraction and/or analysis for a variety of uses. To submit a Report or Analysis Request, click the link below.


Systems Supported

Business Objects

For help with finding fields in Business Objects, what the data in Business Objects means, or to request a new Business Objects report or a report modification, please open a ticket below.


Tableau (Visualization/Dashboard)

For help with using, modifying, or creating Tableau dashboards, maps, and visualizations or to request a new Tableau dashboard, please open a ticket below.


How can we help?  Joshua Stuempges is our Customer Service Manager. For help call:  734 647-7777

The University of Michigan, Office of University Development, Development Services

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