Marketing Effort Solutions (MES)

What do we do?

The Marketing Effort Solutions Team uses technology to develop Marketing Efforts and Solicitations for Schools, Colleges, and Units, particularly the OUD-Annual Giving department. MES creates efforts to fit customer needs while ensuring the integrity of the data and adhering to University policies. Additionally, the team offers training on how to create and manage DART based Marketing Efforts.

Current Initiatives

  • Marketing Effort creation
  • Annual Giving requests
  • Marketing Effort Training
  • Tableau reporting and analytics

The MES team will generate a marketing effort in DART based on your specifications, and will create a mailing list for you with the most up-to-date data. Marketing efforts in DART enable us to link communications/solicitations to their recipients, giving a holistic view of each donor for the Development Community. This process applies to all communication channels (phone, email, mail). You may also provide your own list of LookupIDs for inclusion.

  • For event invitations, announcements, newsletters, emails and most every other need open a Communication Request.
  • For direct asks for money "Please donate x dollars to designation 123456" open a Solicitation Request.

Email Content Creation - This is a service of the SPECS team. You can view more information and submit your request on the Email and E-Newsletters page.

MES Services Offered

Mailing Data (Communication Request)

Creation of a communication request in DART. A communication does not directly solicit financial support. Although a response device may be included in the communication, there is no personal information related to a specific monetary request. To submit a Communication Request, click the link below.


Mailing Data (Solicitation Request)

Creation of a solicitation request in DART. A solicitation directly solicits financial support. A response device is included in the solicitation and the response device contains personal information and a specific monetary request. To submit a Solicitation Request, click the link below.


How can we help?  Joshua Stuempges is our Customer Service Manager. For help call:  734 647-7777

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