Data Management Team

What do we do?

DMT supports and assists the development community by creating and updating, via batch loads, biographical, contact information, educational involvement, and degree information; monitoring the quality and integrity of the data and for data acquisition activities.


Additional DART resources:
IDS Website
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DART Training and Education Page
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DMT Services Offered

DART Data Batch Updates

Please use the templates for Batch Updates:

  • Addresses
  • Phones
  • Emails
  • Interactions
  • Educational Involvements
  • Scholarship Recipients
  • Constituent Affiliations
  • Donor Intent Attributes
  • Constituent record creation


Other Services

  • Data Acquisition Project Consultation:
    • Request a meeting to discuss scu goals, timeline, and budget
    • Projects may include biographical information, contact information, lost alumni, etc
  • Transition of data from outside systems into DART
  • Record Matching to avoid record duplication
  • Constituent Record creation
  • New code request
  • Questions, inquiries or for more information regarding services offered


How can we help?  Joshua Stuempges is our Customer Service Manager. For help call:  734 647-7777

The University of Michigan, Office of University Development, Development Services

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