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DART access requests can be facilitated by your school, college, or unit's DART Unit Liason. Unsure who your DART UL is? Click here for a list or call the Development Services Help Line at 7-7777.

Access to DART requires secondary authentication with the Duo Security app or hard token. Information on where and how to obtain one can be found here or call ITS Access and Accounts for more information: 734-964-HELP (4357), option 1. Visit the ITS website for additional information on two factor authentication.


DevNet access is automatically granted for new-hires once the Dev Staff Change Form has been submitted. Editor access is maintained by each department and an existing department editor can add editing rights to DevNet accounts here.


Qualtrics is a generalized survey service permitting the creation of survey instruments, distribution of the surveys, data storage and analysis. The University of Michigan has purchased a system wide site license for this service. For access to Qualtrics, you must contact your school, college or unit's Qualtrics Brand Administrator.

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