Development Data Deployment / Reporting & Analysis

The Reporting & Information Analysis team (RIA) provides the following development data services.

Please refer to the following definitions for Priority levels when opening a request ticket:

  • High: Rapid attention is requested for this special circumstance.
  • Medium/Standard: This is a standard/most common request (please provide due date).
  • Low: Assistance is needed at your convenience (due date not required).

To better assist you with your request, please be as complete as possible and include what the report will be used for, what pieces of information you need and what you need this report completed by.

If you're requesting a DAC report translation to DART data, please provide the title and location, if possible, of the old DAC report for us to refer to.

Data Deployment / Reporting
  • Custom-designed reports
  • Modification of any existing report
  • Translation of DAC report to DART


Data Analysis

RIA provides consultation services on development systems and data utilization to assist the Development Community with strategic planning, goal definition and professional assessment of donor potential through analysis of biographical, philanthropic and financial information. If you need help with data analysis, please open a request.


How can we help?  Joshua Stuempges is our Customer Service Manager. For help call:  734 647-7777

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