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Joshua Stuempges is our Customer Service Manager. Not sure where or how to open a ticket? Give us a call and we'll guide you through the process.

For help please call: 
734 647-7777

Not sure where to start? Call the Help Line and we'll get your request to its proper destination!

Tips for Submitting Requests

  • Click on the View/Open icon to open your self-service dashboard. You will see a new window with a list of all your current and past tickets for a specific team.
  • Click on the New Request icon SUBMIT to CREATE/OPEN a new ticket.
  • Click on the Save icon SAVE SAVE to SEND your ticket.
  • Click on the Home icon HOME to return to this screen and view your list of tickets.
  • After you SAVE/SEND your ticket, you will return to your ticket dashboard with your new request in the list.

How can we help?  Joshua Stuempges is our Customer Service Manager. For help call:  734 647-7777

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