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Online Data Collection with Formstack

Formstack is a third-party web-based form builder. Development Services maintains a master account for the development community and can provide departments with access for development-related activities. Formstack is our recommended solution when financial transactions are not required; as a reminder, only Blackbaud Sphere can be used to process gifts and transactions.



We recommend utilizing the existing training and support materials available from Formstack. Some helpful links include:

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Request a Formstack Account

To request a new Formstack account, please open a ticket.


Formstack Users

Formstack is used by several departments throughout the development community:

  • University and Development Events
  • Athletic Donor Events and Stewardship
  • Development Summer Internship Program
  • Telefund
  • The Division of Student Affairs
  • Development Community Learning
  • OUD Communications
  • International Giving
  • Office of Reunions and Reunion Giving
  • Development Services
  • Student Philanthropy
  • College of Engineering
  • Department of Internal Medicine
  • College of Pharmacy
  • Department of Neurology
  • Parent and Family Giving

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How can we help?  Lauren Harris is our Customer Service Manager. For help call:  734 647-7777

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